We are Britain’s first Theological Institute dedicated to training Christians in prison for ministry and mission!

Prisons are arguably one of the most forgotten spheres of our society, and yet as Christians, we must remember that Jesus was frequently drawn to outcast fringe groups throughout his ministry.

While many churches have seen a dramatic decline in attendance over the last few years, prison chaplaincies all over Britain have seen a sharp rise in people coming to faith, often for the first time.

While there are many excellent Christian organisations who wish to disciple new believers, we have noticed a growing number of incarcerated people who wish to take their Bible studies further and learn how to be ministers of the gospel while serving time.

Our mission, therefore, is to make theology accessible to people in prison who wish to go deeper in their faith and be equipped for ministry and mission.

We do this by connecting accredited theological training colleges with prison chapels who are experiencing growth, so that Christians serving time can go deeper in their walk with God, study theology on a full-time basis, and gain academic accreditation for their work.

Our pilot project is in collaboration with Westminster College, a member of the Cambridge Theological Federation. We will be connecting them with a Category-A men’s prison in Cambridgeshire, and we hope to begin teaching in September 2023.